Bridge Documents

Here are many of the key documents regarding the Whitchurch Toll Bridge bridge.  Further contributions to this library gratefully received. Please contact us.

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The Company:
Whitchurch Bridge Act 1792
Whitchurch Bridge Act 1988 (amending the 1792)
Transport Charges Act 1954 (section with procedures for raising tolls)
Toll Bridge Shareholders 2008

1992 Application:
List of Bridge Company Deposited Documents
The Inquiry Report (long so split into 7 sections):

Decision Letter 1992

2004/5 Application:
no Inquiry.
Decision Letter 2004/5

2008 Application:
Whitchurch Bridge Toll Application October 2008

Official Accounts:
the company stopped filing accounts after 2005
see Toll Application 2008 (above) for 2008 accounts

Bridge Company Documents Submitted for the 2009 Public Inquiry

Note: These documents were originally posted on the Bridge Company’s web site however they were taken down by the day following the close of the Inquiry.

Timetable for the Public Inquiry
Statement of Reasons document, excluding appendices.

Appendices to the Statement of Reasons

Appendix A Summary of Statutory Liabilities and Responsibilities
Appendix B Bridge Utility and the Community
Appendix C
Appendix D Operations Control
Appendix E Bridge Maintenance Management
Appendix F Bridge Risk Assessment
Appendix G Bridge Reconstruction Project Management
Appendix H Bridge Reconstruction Cost Estimates
Appendix J General Arrangement of Bridge - Present & Proposed
Appendix L Financial Management and the Business Planning Model
Appendix M Investment Management and Management of the Reserve Fund
Appendix N Dividend Policy and A Reasonable Return on Investment

List of documents:

Document 1 Toll Application dated 31st October 2008
Document 2 Public Notices of the Toll Application and Public Inquiry
Document 3 Whitchurch Bridge Act 1792 (transcript)
Document 4 Whitchurch Bridge Act 1988
Document 5 Transport Charges Etc (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1954
Document 6 Bridge Special Inspection Report March 2008
Document 7 Toll Application dated 1st July 2004

Witness Statements on behalf of the Company:

Statement 1 Mr G. R.Weir
Statement 2 Mr M. J. Brain
Statement 3 Mr M. J. Beckley

Written Witness Statements on behalf of the Objectors:

TollFreeze Statement to the Inquiry Mr Colin Cooper

Document Submitted During the Inquiry:
Spreadsheet of all the workings used to value the bridge, the shares and income of the bridge company. Shows the WBC’s own projections until 2030. The WBC objected to this document’s use as evidence probably because they did not intend to publish it. However, it was accepted by the Inspector at the inquiry because it was already in the public domain.
Public Undertaking by the Whitchurch Bridge Company
The Company has given an Undertaking that the discounted Toll for Bridge Card users will not exceed 20p before 1st January 2013, and will not exceed 30p thereafter unless and until another Toll Application is approved.

Audio Recordings of the Whole Public Inquiry

Below are MP3 recordings of the whole Public Inquiry. They are 99% intelligible. Note that some of these files are quite large. All the files add up to 472MB

Part 01, Day 1, Introduction Dr M Heyes ( 28MB)
Part 02, Day 1, Opening Statement William Hicks QC ( 46MB)
Part 03, Day 1, Witness Statement Geoff Weir ( 26MB)
Part 04, Day 1, Cross Examination Geoff Weir ( 20MB)
Part 05, Day 1, Witness Statement Martin Brain ( 54MB)
Part 06, Day 1, Cross Examination Martin Brain pt1 ( 15MB)
Part 07, Day 1, Cross Examination Martin Brain pt2 ( 43MB)
Part 08, Day 1, Witness Statement Michael Beckley pt1 ( 43MB)
Part 09, Day 1, Objector Statement Mike Scott (4.2MB)
Part 10, Day 1, Cross Examination Mike Scott (1.9MB)
Part 11, Day 1, Witness Statement Michael Beckley pt2 ( 48MB)
Part 12, Day 2, Introduction Dr M Heyes (2.7MB)
Part 13, Day 2, Witness Statement Michael Beckley pt3 (4.7MB)
Part 14, Day 2, Cross Examination Michael Beckley pt1 ( 26MB)
Part 15, Day 2, Cross Examination Michael Beckley pt2 ( 34MB)
Part 16, Day 2, Cross Examination Michael Beckley pt3 (668KB)
Part 17, Day 2, Objector Statement Pearl Slatter (4.3MB)
Part 18, Day 2, Cross Examination Pearl Slatter (744KB)
Part 19, Day 2, Objector Statement Vincent Aldridge ( 22MB)
Part 20, Day 2, Cross Examination Vincent Aldridge (6.1MB)
Part 21, Day 2, Objector Statement Peter Dragonetti (4.3MB)
Part 22, Day 2, Objector Statement Elizabeth White (2.6MB)
Part 23, Day 2, Cross Examination Elizabeth White (932KB)
Part 24, Day 2, Objector Statement Colin Cooper (9.1MB)
Part 25, Day 2, Cross Examination Colin Cooper (3.9MB)
Part 26, Day 2, Objector Statement Graham Morfey (9.5MB)
Part 27, Day 2, Cross Examination Graham Morfey (7.6MB)
Part 28, Day 2, Objector Statement Owen South (2.3MB)
Part 29, Day 2, Cross Examination Owen South (2.6MB)
Part 30, Day 2, Closing Statement Mike Scott (1.4MB)
Part 31, Day 2, Closing Statement Pearl Slatter (396KB)
Part 32, Day 2, Closing Statement Vincent Aldridge (444KB)
Part 33, Day 2, Closing Statement Colin Cooper (1.8MB)
Part 34, Day 2, Closing Statement Graham Morfey (944KB)
Part 35, Day 2, Closing Statement William Hicks QC (7.5MB)
Part 36, Day 2, Closing of Inquiry Dr M Heyes (1.8MB)